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Process Models, a critical Tool:

Over the last 30 year the continuous industry has made substantial strides in the use of models to design, control, and optimize their continuous operations. Batch chemical processes have also benefited from the use of models but to a lesser extend. Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical operations are also becoming slowly but steadily interested in similar tasks of process optimization, control, monitoring and operation.

The majority of models used for the most advanced applications have been based on the knowledge, partial or complete, of the inner workings of a process. In processes where the knowledge of the inner workings is lacking, progress in the use of advanced control and optimization tools has been lacking.

At the same time, technological advancements have availed a plethora of on-line process data whose value is not always fully exploited. Process data can complement detailed or partial process knowledge for improved operations either in reducing product variability or enabling more cost effective process operations or both. Yet little research has taken place in the development of the most accurate and cost effective models based on the available knowledge and data.

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